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If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above?



Our approach for children who are self isolating when the majority of their peers are in school remains in line with that already outlined in previous sections.


On Day 1 of their period of self-isolation children should complete the 'Keeping Skills Sharp' activities on Google Classroom to give their teacher time to upload the curriculum assignments.


Children will have access to allocated resources on Active Learn and Timestables Rockstars.


From Day 2, children will be assigned learning tasks which reflect the learning happening within the classroom via Google Classroom.


Children should complete the tasks via Google Classroom (Tapestry for Reception) or in their exercise books and submit a photograph of their work.


Teachers will give daily feedback on the work submitted, noting any misconceptions they need to follow up on upon return to school.


At the end of the period of self-isolation, the child's exercise books must be returned to school for the teacher to assess in more detail.


Following a return to school, the child will participate in any necessary intervention or Catch-Up work required to address misconceptions or gaps in learning.


In the event of a child refusing to complete remote learning assignments during a period of self-isolation, support as outlined in previous sections will be available. If a child returns to school having not engaged at all with remote learning, they will be expected to complete the relevant tasks in their own time. 


If a child is self-isolating but is unwell, there is no expectation for the child to engage in remote learning until they feel well enough to do so. Parents must inform the school if this is the case.

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