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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017


SEN Information Report

Welcome to our SEN Information Report

part of the Norfolk Local Offer for learners with Special Educational Needs


The Local Authority Offer:

  • Under the requirements of the Children's and Families Act, Local Authorities and schools are required to publish and keep under review information about services they expect to be available for the children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) aged 0-25. This is the 'Local Offer'.
  • The intention of the Local Offer is to improve choice and transparency for families. It will also be an important resource for parents in understanding the range of services and provision in the local area. The Norfolk Local Offer information is available at (Please click on the link below to access  the Norfolk Local Offer website).


The School SEN Information Report:

This utilises the LA Local Offer to meet the needs of SEN pupils as determined by school policy, and the provision that the school is able to meet. This is reviewed annually and at Millfield Primary school this was last reviewed on 30/09/2023.


Your child has Special Educational Needs. What can we at Millfield Primary School offer you?


At Millfield Primary School, we embrace the fact that every child is different, and, therefore, the educational needs of every child is different; this is certainly the case for children with Special Educational Needs. We are committed to ensuring that all children have access to learning opportunities, and for those at the risk of not learning, we will intervene and support.


Please click on the link below to access the Norfolk Local Offer and the questions below for more information about the Local Offer from Millfield Primary School and how we can support your child.


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