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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Assessment in Music

Music Statement of Assessment


Digital record of final outcome performances

At the end of each unit of work, once they have composed and practised their piece, children are to perform their composition – either to one other person, a class, phase, whole school or within the local community - which will be recorded. These performances will be saved and added to as they progress throughout the school.


Music Passport

Along with the digital record of performances, the children will progress throughout school with their own ‘Music Passport’, where teachers and children will record their musical experience and progression during each year. Each teacher will clearly be able to see the children’s learning and abilities from the previous year, what they need to work on in the current year, and the learning expectations for the following year.


Celebration of music

Children’s musical work should also be widely celebrated. Musical performance should be shared across phases and year groups, for children to enjoy and comment on. This will enable children to see how the skills they may currently be learning are being used. It will also give children the ability to recognise and celebrate the skills they have already learnt and how far they have progressed as musicians.


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