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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017


How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?


The teachers will check your child's submitted work daily and give positive comments and feedback. Their feedback may point out where they made errors or give advice on how your child can further improve their work. In some cases, your child's teacher may ask them to complete some additional questions or tasks to check their understanding, help them address any misconceptions and then ask them to re-submit their work.


Where the teacher feels a child has achieved really well, or has made a particularly good effort, they may send the work to the Headteacher to add her comments.


The teachers will indicate in the instructions for the learning tasks as to what needs to be submitted and how this will be marked.


A record will be kept of the level of engagement with remote education by the teacher for each child on our tracking spreadsheets.


If your child's level of engagement becomes a concern, the teacher will in the first instance remind all children of the importance of completing work via the Class Stream on Google Classroom and through their class Zoom meetings.


For addressing individual pupil engagement causing concern, the teacher will contact the parent by phone or email to discuss the issue and offer advice and support to help with their child's re-engagement. This may include:


  • Telephone call or zoom meeting with parent and child to discuss the problems and set some expectations and targets
  • Involvement of, or referral to our SENCO in the case of children with SEND
  • Involvement of, or referral to our Nurture staff for children suffering emotionally or to provide support for parenting
  • Reducing work level for a set period of time with clear targets and routine – setting up a visual schedule and reward system
  • Loan of a device (especially if there are siblings in the home and there is competition for using the home devices). We have tablets or laptops available for loan
  • Providing printed resources with a more personalised curriculum
  • Involvement of, or referral to the Headteacher
  • Offer of a school place if capacity available


We are confident that by working together with our pupils and their parents, we will be able to resolve most problems in the best interests of the child.


If we are increasingly concerned and cannot make contact with the parent for a period of time, then a formal letter will be sent to the parent by the Headteacher to remind them of their legal responsibilities for ensuring their child participates in education and a referral may be made to external agencies to initiate further action.

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