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'This School continues to be Good' -Ofsted November 2017

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Day 2 at How Hill

The children all had a good night but were up very very early!! We had a nice breakfast and everyone seems in good spirits!

We are putting on wellies and waterproofs and getting ready to head out to the boat and to learn to thatch using local reeds.

It’s a bit grey at the moment but not yet raining!


Update on Day 2

We are all having a lovely time!

We took a boat out to Barton Broad this morning along the River Ant. We saw many species of birds using our binoculars- swans, grebes, gills and geese for example. We saw the Broad where Lord Nelson learned to sail and found out more about how the Broads came to be.

This afternoon we are visiting Toad Hole Cottage to find out more about how hard life was for families in Victorian times. We are also finding out all about owls and dissecting owl pellets to see what they catch and eat.

Later we are going to look at the camera traps we placed yesterday to see if they have recorded any animal during the night.

We are getting on well with our weaving. This evening we will probably watch a film before we go to bed.

It’s a bit rainy but this has not dampened our spirits! All the children are enjoying learning about new things and acquiring new skills.


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